The Chicago Tribune
February 4, 2013

A northwest suburban church is stepping up its opposition to a ban against gay members and leaders in the Boy Scouts of America as the organization meets this week to reconsider the longtime policy. At the Congregational United Church of Christ of Arlington Heights, leaders passed out fliers on Sunday that encouraged the 240-member congregation to write letters or call scouting officials to state their opposition to the anti-gay policy, said Rev. Rex Piercy, the church's pastor. “Our position is that LGBT folks, whether they're minors or whether they're adults, have a role to play in our society and our culture,” Piercy said. “This (scouting) organization which seeks the support of churches like ours… stands against the very kind of welcome that we extend to those folks.” The Boy Scouts of America's national board will meet this week in Texas to decide if it should end its long-standing policy prohibiting gays and allow locally chartered groups to decide who can be members.