Gay Voices (The Huffington Post)
June 25, 2013

Transgender people go to work, drive our kids to school, go to the movies, and go out to dinner, and yes, like everyone else, we even go to the restroom. Most folks don't think twice about using the restroom, but for transgender people, accessing the restroom that matches our gender identity too often results in ridicule or violence. Those of us who don't fit narrow gender stereotypes -- including transgender people transitioning from one gender to another -- are most likely to be targeted. At Transgender Law Center, we've been explaining this harsh reality to policy makers for years. In fact, our 2005 publication Peeing in Peace is still wildly popular and has inspired the creation of a new mobile app to help trans folks find safe places to use the restroom. Our helpline receives more than 2,500 requests each year. Some of those callers include employees of major corporations who are not allowed to use the appropriate restroom at work, students who aren't allowed to use the appropriate restroom at school, and people who have been attacked in restrooms at malls and grocery stores.