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March 21, 2012
As lawmakers in New Hampshire prepare to repeal that state’s same-sex marriage law, the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) Brian Brown appeared on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts this morning to condemn “outside groups” for lobbying on behalf of marriage equality. Brown — who himself is the head of DC-based organization that has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into anti-marriage efforts in New York, Maryland and yes New Hampshire — complained that the 2009 same-sex marriage law was “put on New Hampshire (not coming from the people), but coming from out of state interest groups who again tried to buy and pay for same-sex-marriage in New Hampshire.” Craig Stowell — co-chair of of Stand Up For New Hampshire Families and Roberts’ other guest — quickly pointed out the irony in Brown’s complaint. “I think it’s kind of funny when somebody out-of-state sits here and tells me how I should live my life in New Hampshire. It really is an interesting thing,” he said. Watch it:
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