EDGE Boston
April 29, 2013

A trans woman won’t get to fulfill her dream of attending Smith College, a private women’s university in Massachusetts, because on government federal financial aid documents she is registered as a male. Calliope Wong, a male-to-female transwoman found out for the second time that she would not be able to fulfill her dream when she received a second denial letter from Smith dated on Mar. 5 from Dean of Admissions Debra Shaver. "I was extremely disappointed when Smith College twice sent back my application without processing," Wong said to EDGE in an email interview. "The first ’return’ was for a clerical error at school regarding my transcripts. The second, however, was far worse. It wasn’t even a rejection notice: Smith College based it on the arbitrary criterion of my FAFSA sex marker (a federal, not school, document), simply decided to disregard my application and return it to me."