WEAU NBC 13 News
February 13, 2013

While the issue of gays in the Boy Scouts is still simmering over the campfire, the Girl Scouts play by a different set of rules. WEAU stopped by the regional Girl Scouts office in Eau Claire Tuesday, and found that the organization doesn’t have any rules on stopping gay leaders and members from wearing green. “As an organization, we don't inquire into the sexual orientation of our volunteers or our members. Volunteers are vetted mostly based on their ability to really make a difference in the life of girls and build leadership skills in girls,” said Ally Clark Peterson, the regional director of the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes. She said the Girl Scouts like to leave issues of sexuality up to talks with parents. “We have standards in place that people don't advocate for a specific position or for a specific lifestyle. In the end it's really a family issue,” Clark Peterson said.