June 26, 2013

A rare summer rainstorm dampened streets but not spirits as San Francisco geared up for a long-awaited Supreme Court decision Wednesday on gay marriage amid preparations for this weekend's massive gay pride celebrations. Signographics, a company that makes banners, is prepared for "a flood of orders Wednesday for new banners," depending on which way the ruling goes, manager Maria Fortuno said. They've got extra staff prepared and will be open Saturday to handle the rush. Whichever way the court rules, she said, "it will be good for business." At Flax, an art and design store on Market Street along the parade route, poster paints in rainbow colors have been flying off the shelves, manager Jonimarie Theodorsen said. She's gearing up for another rush after the ruling, when people make signs for a march Wednesday night from the Castro district, the neighborhood that serves as the city's center of gay culture and politics, to City Hall.