August 27, 2013

We already know that San Antonio Councilwoman Elisa Chan is homophobic. (In case you need a refresher, she thinks we’re “so disgusting!”) Now we know she’s also transphobic. In the same taped session in which Chan made her antigay remarks, she also trashed a former colleague on the city council who is in a transgender marriage.

Leticia Ozuna was a member of the city council until losing re-election in May. Ozuna is married to Sophia Parafina, who transitioned during their 25 year marriage. The couple have two children.

The nasty comments came during a conversation about transgender rights that Chan and her staff were having. Besides the usual “which bathroom do they use” arguments, one of Chan’s aides notes that the state of Texas identifies gender “by the equipment you have at birth.” As an example, the aide cites the case of Ozuna’s spouse.