July 25, 2012
Television writer and producer Ryan Murphy on Tuesday shrugged off calls for a boycott of his new TV show about gay adoption, saying members of the conservative group behind the protest would probably like the program if only they watched it. Ryan also revealed that one of the characters in “The New Normal” was portrayed as a member of One Million Moms - the small but vocal group that last week claimed the TV comedy was harmful and damaging to U.S. culture. “The New Normal”, which does not make its debut until September, is a comedy about a gay couple involved in a surrogate adoption. It echoes themes seen in ABC’s popular, Emmy-winning comedy “Modern Family,” which also features a gay couple with an adopted daughter. Murphy, whose musical comedy TV show “Glee” has made headlines for taking on topics such as teen pregnancy, disability and bullying, noted that “The New Normal” also deals with other types of relationships outside the bounds of the one gay couple, including single mothers and dating among older people. “I have obviously been through this before. I wasn’t surprised,” Murphy told TV critics at a gathering in Beverly Hills about the comments by One Million Moms.