America Blog
August 19, 2013

Russian anti-gay/anti-trans vigilantes have posted a showing five Russian men participating in the brutal beating of a trans woman.

As we’d reported earlier, violent anti-gay and anti-trans vigilante groups have cropped up around Russia, with the goal of luring young gay and trans kids in to a meeting, then kidnappingbeating and torturing them, while filming the entire thing and then posting it on Russian social media.

I tried to upload a copy of the video to YouTube, to keep it safe, but YouTube immediately banned it. So I’m waiting for their terms of service people to review it and understand that it’s not a pro-bashing video. It’s about exposing these horrific people, and the government that inspires them and lets them get away with this kind of hate.

The Russian government refused to investigate these crimes, even with videos clearly showing the hometowns and faces of the perpetrators.  Only a week or two ago, when the international press picked up on this story did the Russian authorities claim they would investigate. No word on anything they’ve done to solve and stop these crimes.