December 26, 2012

Advertising in America has drawn plenty of criticism from the LGBT community in recent years because of anti-gay themes. A recent Legal Sea Foods ad entitled "Buddies" makes a "Brokeback Mountain" joke that possibly suggests that the two men depicted fishing together would have sex just because they’re alone on the seashore for hours on end. But it’s not funny to Dan Landry, a 47-year old straight man in Boston with experience in the restaurant industry. He tried on multiple occasions to get Legal Sea Foods to apologize for what he saw as offensive ads. Company officials refused and said that the ads were intended to be a joke and not aimed at attacking the gay community. Before "Buddies," there were two Legal Sea Foods ads in 2009 that made fairly blatant gay jokes. In one, a fishing boat captain earns a new nickname after making a big catch worthy of serving at Legal Sea Foods. At the end, the narrator says the captain "greatly preferred [this] over his previous nickname: The Cocklegobbler."