Arutz Sheva
December 17, 2012

Rabbi Ya'akov Yosef, son of former Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, has issued a halachic ruling which prohibits taking private lessons with gay teachers...The ruling was issued in response to a question regarding taking piano lessons from a gay teacher. Rabbi Yosef discussed the issue in depth several months ago, taking a tough stance against associating with homosexuals. The ruling was published over the weekend on the web site of an organization representing what it calls “religious Orthodox homosexuals.” The ruling generally applies to non-Jews who are declared homosexuals. The ruling quotes Rabbinic literature going back to the Talmud, as well as rulings from subsequent rabbis, prohibiting males from conducting private meetings with homosexuals. In addition, the ruling states that it is forbidden to have such people as roommates. “We are not concerned about this matter when it comes to two Jews, but in the case of non-Jewish homosexuals we must be concerned. “Many times a father will want his son to learn to play the piano, or another instrument. Perhaps the only teacher available is an Arab, and the father hires him as a private tutor. But we suspect them of this kind of behavior and we cannot endanger our children in this manner,” he said.