Equality Maryland Blog
October 1, 2012

The mission of Equality Maryland centers on making life better for all LGBT Marylanders. To this end, Equality Maryland supports Question 4 and I am urging Maryland’s LGBT communities and our allies to do the same. There are several reasons why Equality Maryland supports Question 4. One centers on our mission— to work for equality for all LGBT Marylanders, which includes undocumented, immigrant LGBT students. 

Another reason Equality Maryland supports The Dream Act is to show solidarity with Maryland’s immigrant communities and the organizations that serve them. CASA of Maryland, for example, has publically, consistently, and unapologetically supported LGBT equality. Further, Latinos in Maryland view marriage equality as an issue of fairness. Currently, a majority of Latinos in the state support Question 6 (marriage equality). EQMD views the Dream Act the same way; it is an issue of fairness.  

This is part of the Familia es Familia Maryland campaign, which aims to educate Latinos and LGBT community members about the importance of marriage equality and immigrant education. Click here for more information