May 23, 2013

While "Beyond The Candelabra" is currently gaying-up Cannes in a very big way (check out our report from the film's press conference here), most of us will be waiting until next Sunday night to watch the Liberace biopic on HBO. However, once Cannes comes to a close there will be all sorts of gay heading to film festivals that are actually near you: The summer queer film festival nears!

At the end of May, cities around North America will offer summertime fun in the form of the best LGBT cinema from the past year. Here's 10 of the most notable: Inside Out (May 23-June 2 in Toronto), Out Twin Cities Film Festival (May 29-June 2 in Minneapolis and St. Paul), Film Out San Diego (May 29-June 2), Provincetown (June 19-23, and not explicitly a LGBT fest but come on... it's in Provincetown), Frameline (June 20-30, its 37th edition!), Outfest (July 11-21), Philadelphia QFest (July 11-22), Damn These Heels! LGBT Film Festival (July 12-14 in Salt Lake City), QFest Houston (July 25-29), Vancouver Queer Film Festival (August 15-25) and finally NewFest (New York's LGBT fest recently moved to September 6-11 for its 25th edition, which is technically still summer).

Not all of the festivals have yet to announce their programs (click on the above links for more information in that regard), but it's likely they will have considerable crossover content. Which is not a blow to programmers, but simply a fact that each of these festivals aim to bring the best LGBT films from Sundance, Berlin, SXSW and the like to regional audiences, and there are rarely more than 20 good films in that regard in each year (if that). This year there are at least 10 as far as this writer is concerned, all of which are listed below (and before you rage up the comments, I'm aware that this list leans considerably toward films by and about gay men -- which is sadly more an issue of a lack of good content outside of that representation than me deliberately excluding quality L or T film).