May 8, 2013
That summer, Edelmann sent an email to then-Purchase women’s coach Bill Kutner to make him aware of his transition. “My first thought was, ‘OK, how do I help him?’ ” Kutner said. Kutner got in touch with Purchase athletic director Ernie Palmieri, who had just finished drafting a transgender policy for the school’s athletic department. Edelmann was the first to take advantage of the policy, which outlined how a transgender student-athlete could approach playing for a sports team consistent with the gender he or she identified with. The transgender policy was eventually adopted by the entire Skyline Conference, of which Purchase is a member. “It was a concern of mine that there might be some problems,” said Palmieri, who is now Purchase’s vice president of student affairs, of Edelmann’s transition. “But there weren’t because everyone knew Taylor, so that was a good thing.”