August 7, 2013

Boston’s Emerson College and Pennsylvania’s Grove City College topped the Princeton Review’s annual list of the most LGBT-friendly and unfriendly colleges in the country, respectively.

Rankings are based on surveys of 126,000 students about their school’s academics, administration, student body and themselves. In addition to a campus’ acceptance of LGBT students, the Princeton Review rates schools on other, highly important criteria, such as the top party schools (Univeristy of Iowa), top stone-cold sober schools (Brigham Young Universty, once again) and most conservative (Auburn University) and liberal (Bennington College) students.

New England and California schools dominated the gay-friendly list, while the South rose again on the unfriendly side of things. However, Asheville, North Carolina’s Warren Wilson College came in at number 2 behind Emerson, outgaying traditionally queertastic sanctuaries of higher learning such as NYU, Yale and Bryn Mawr. In a surprising turn of events, the University of Rhode Island was ranked more unfriendly than not one, but three Texas universities, and the Catholic University of America. We guess no same-sex weddings will be occurring at the RIU’s chapel anytime soon.

Check out the full rankings.