The Peruvian Times
December 14, 2012

Peru’s National Police force is coming under heavy criticism following the publication of a decree that authorizes expelling homosexuals from the force if they “harm” the institution’s image. On Tuesday, a legislative decree was published in the official gazette El Peruano outlining disciplinary measures and sanctions for police officers. A long list of infractions are included in Legislative Decree 1150, including disciplinary issues, refusal of certain police services, ethics, and harming the image of the national force. Tucked away in a section that lists infractions for harming police image, the decree bans officers from, “Having sexual relations with people of the same gender, that create a scandal or harm the institution’s image.” Homosexual officers who are regarded as breaking this code, will be forced to take early retirement, the decree says. The infraction related to gay officers is in the same section and listed just below another regulation that rules that officers will be disciplined with early retirement if they “belong to a criminal organization.” The decree, one in a package of amendments to the structure of the military and police forces, has been signed byPresident Ollanta Humala, Prime Minister Juan Jimenez and Interior Minister Wilfredo Pedraza.