The New York Times
July 26, 2012
DREA EBONY was clearly feeling it. Who wouldn’t marvel at the way she flipped her hair in a circle and kicked her leg out like a Rockette as she sauntered up and down that runway in her shiny gold pants and white tank top, as cheers from the crowd grew louder and louder. Multimedia Time and time again, young kids on the transgender spectrum had graced stages almost identical to this one and been sent packing. But Drea Ebony, 18 and visiting from Pittsburgh, was different. She was a star. And she was going to prove it. With the lights dimmed and the music blaring, Ms. Ebony flipped back in a handspring-like maneuver that ended with her landing on her back like a breakdancer. She then sprang back up, striking a pose or two or three.