July 30, 2012
Ending a week-long controversy that had many in the Red River Valley scratching their heads, the Fargo Forum on Sunday announced it would begin publishing announcements of legal marriages for gay couples, engagements and anniversaries. The outdated policy at the newspaper came to light when Allison Johnson and Kelsey Smith decided to announce they are getting married next week in New York. Allison and Kelsey met several years ago in Minnesota, and moved to Fargo last year. The paper rejected the announcement with a form email to the same-sex couple. “Initially it was a total punch in the stomach that we were rejected by The Forum, but this just surpasses that tenfold,” said Smith. The “this” she refers to is the outpouring of support they received. “It’s making a difference, not just here in Fargo and not just for Kelsey and I,” said Johnson.