Evening Express (HLN)
July 20, 2012
Jennifer Tyrrell was a den leader who was ousted by her local Boy Scout troop because she is gay. She and a group of supporters personally delivered over 300,000 signatures to the Boy Scouts of America Wednesday afternoon. Tyrrell says she's speaking for thousands of people who want the Scouts' position on homosexuals changed. The Boy Scouts organization is holding firm on its position to exclude "open or avowed homosexuals." But Tyrrell says the policy amounts to blatant discrimination. "I’m not asking to be treated better, I’m just asking to be treated the same," she told HLN's Evening Express. "I don’t have to talk about the straight leaders’ sexuality, why do I have to talk about mine?"
Read more about Jennifer's continued pressure on the Boy Scouts: http://glaad.org/equalityscouts