Huffington Post Latino Voices
October 11, 2012


On October 11, the LGBT community celebrates National Coming Out Day and this year we have one more newly out person with whom to celebrate--Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz. When the former Olympian said in interviews last week that he is gay, I know he made a world of difference for so many people.

Orlando joins Ricky Martin, singer Christian Chávez, actress Kenia Gascón and other Latino celebrities who have come out in the past few years. It's not a long list, but it certainly is a distinguished one. Every one of these folks, by saying "I'm gay, I'm Latino and I'm proud" has educated millions of people about the fact that there many LGBT people all around them, not all of whom feel safe enough to come out--yet.

A piece by GLAAD's Director of Spanish-Language Media, Monica Trasandes