NBC Latino
December 20, 2012

It’s time for La Comay and WAPA-TV’s “SuperXclusivo” to go. On December 4, the co-hosts of Puerto Rico’s top-rated show, Kobbo Santarrosa (the actor who portrays the puppet La Comay) and Hector Travieso, made some very over-the-top comments surrounding the brutal death of José Enrique Gómez, suggesting that the slain publicist was asking for trouble by visiting an area in Caguas known for gay prostitution. It was classic victim-blaming and it was done in poor taste. As a result, a very public boycott went viral on Facebook, which has led to over 4o brands (and counting) pulling their ads in the last two weeks. While this is not the first time that the famed puppeteer has engaged in homophobic or hateful comments, it may prove to be the one that hurts his bottom line the most.  To add insult to injury, a reader wrote to the program and was told in an e-mail from the show “anyone who criticizes the program is being influenced by gays,” adding, “We don’ t know whether you are gay or not but you give us the impression you are.” WAPA has confirmed that the emails were authentic and also added that José E. Ramos, the company’s president, personally apologized to the individual who submitted the original email to “SuperXclusivo.”