Huffington Post
February 28, 2013

Ok I get it: Conservatives just love gay marriage. Ted Olson, the conservative super-lawyer who helped press George W. Bush into office, has co-led the legal challenge to California's gay marriage ban, now headed to the Supreme Court. Over 80 prominent conservatives have signed a legal brief that the media is billing as the "conservative case" for gay marriage. The effort was orchestrated by Ken Mehlman, former head of the Republican Party and top advisor to George W. Bush, who came out in 2010. The gay marriage cause was jump-started (but not actually started) by self-styled gay conservative, Andrew Sullivan, back in 1989 with an article making the conservative case for gay marriage. And 2012 GOP presidential candidate, John Huntsman, recently penned a piece in the American Conservative called "Marriage Equality is a Conservative Cause." Doesn't get any clearer than that.