Fox News Latino
April 30, 2013


From looking at Richard Ruperto, you would think he is just another New York-based rapper —his lyrics tell stories from his urban upbringing in what he calls “the hood” or “El Barrio” in Spanish Harlem.


But Ruperto, whose stage name is Loco Ninja, is considered rare in El Barrio. Not because his music speaks volumes about social injustices or because his smooth lyrics are heart-melting love songs, but because he is gay. 


Loco Ninja is probably the ‘Latino Frank Ocean.’ 


Despite living in a state where gay marriage is legal and in a city where there are elected officials that are openly gay, such as the likes of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Loco Ninja finds himself dumbfounded about how gays (particularly men) in the music industry are mistreated, misrepresented and overall pushed aside.

GLAAD's Spanish-Language Media Strategist was interviewed for this story.