January 9, 2013

At my previous high school, I met a fellow student who I eventually grew to be close friends with. All through my first two years of knowing him, he was a real macho "I want every girl" type of guy. Then one day we were chilling and joking around at his house with the rest of our friends. He noticibly reacted to our jokes differently than he usually had. He giggled and used body language that had more emotional freedom and enthusiasm than he had ever expressed before. Our friends started teasing him, calling him “fag” and saying “That was so gay,” and “O.K., RuPaul!” He snapped back inside his macho shell with a look of disgust and offense on his face. He stayed silent for a while, then got up and walked to the bathroom. Our friends continued to tease him, saying “Aw girl, you’ll be O.K.!” but I told them to chill because I could tell by his reaction that this was no time to joke.

Kudos to C. Jacobs for having the courage to tell his story and encourage others to support GSAs.