August 5, 2013

Had an enjoyable two hour conversation with Tona Brown late Sunday afternoon. It eventually turned to discussing the appalling and frustrating to us topic of lack of opportunities to do keynote speeches on college campuses, at TDOR's, trans and SGL conventions, seminars, community dinners, awards shows,rallies,  marches or LGBT pride events.

I've been blessed to have the opportunity to do a few transconference keynote speeches along with three TDOR keynotes, some collegiate ones and participate in major conferences such as the 2012 Netroots Nation and two NBJC OUT on the Hill events. I enjoy doing them and I and my trans POC colleagues would respectfully like the opportunity to do more of them. 

As I mentioned before, the trans narrative in this country for the last six decades been told from an overwhelmingly white trans feminine perspective with slightly more ink in the last few years for the white trans masculine one. Our Black, Asian and Latino trans brothers get little if no media love period.