February 1, 2013

There was plenty of elbow room at Frank Gore's podium during the San Francisco 49ers media session Thursday Thursday morning, with only a half-dozen reporters talking shop with the impressive running back. Yet as Gore gazed one hundred feet or so across the room, he could easily see where the action was. The thick crowd was at Chris Culliver's table, ground zero for the hot topic of the day. The second-year cornerback ignited a frenzy with his senseless homophobic remarks to a radio shock jock, contending that a gay player would not be welcomed in the 49ers' locker room. Deer antler spray, move aside. The needle has moved on another issue. "I know Culliver," Gore said. "He didn't mean it the way it came out. He's a young guy." There's no excuse. If Culliver, 24, is old enough to hold down a job, he should know better than to declare such a definitive anti-gay stance.