The Washington Post
May 23, 2013

The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared.” This week, gay Boy Scouts are prepared for equality. At the same time, they are prepared for discrimination. They know that even if the policy changes to allow gay Boy Scouts, there will still be those who discriminate. There will be those who are frightened by change and by the full range of human expression of love and family. National leaders of the Boy Scouts, BE PREPARED to look into the eyes of real boys, and take the next step toward equality. As the leader of the Metropolitan Community Churches with ministries in almost every U.S. state and 40 countries, I have looked into the eyes of untold number of people—young and old alike. I have seen the look of people who have been persecuted and I have seen the look of people who have been respected. I want to see more joy, more pride, and more freedom in the eyes of gay boys who are in Boy Scouts.

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