Huffington Post
August 29, 2013

In July, I witnessed a room of LGBTQ activist campers become a room of anti-hate activists. I realized that we should not be fighting for rights for different groups, but we should be fighting for rights as one community. All of us should be equal.

Drowsy from a long day of racism discussions, I sat in the front row of our homemade theater and waited for my fellow activist campers to arrive. My heart was excited for the talent show to come, even though I really wanted to sleep. Someone announced that the result of the George Zimmerman case was going to be on CNN. The conversation which followed expressed hope for a positive outcome. That conversation expanded when someone uttered the words, "George Zimmerman is found not guilty." I could not understand what was going on, so I went to my mother for answers. She found it difficult to objectively explain the case. George Zimmerman followed a boy named Trayvon Martin, they fought and Trayvon was shot. He died and now George Zimmerman was free. I wondered why Mr. Zimmerman was scared of a black boy in a hoodie carrying Skittles and Gatorade.