The Rainbow Times
July 17, 2013

As you will know dear readers, this is a monthly publication, which often prevents me from being able to comment on current news cycles. This is not wholly bad, as it leaves me free to effectively “wait and see” on some issues and process events in a more thoughtful fashion than we often are able to in our current climate of “News Right Now!”

However, I have the opportunity this month to comment on a pair of particularly newsworthy developments of great concern to the LGBTQ Community. The most recent is the Supreme Court’s ruling of the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional. The other is a flurry of news items alleging that the Board of OutServe-SLDN, the organization which spearheaded the recent repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” had voted to request the resignation of newly appointed Executive Director, Allyson Robinson.

One of these, the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, is an undoubtedly exciting victory for LGBTQ people. The other, which led to the resignation in protest of several board members and senior staff of OutServe-SLDN, is much less positive. Both of these events impact trans people pretty directly.