The Washington Post
May 30, 2013

We are finishing up our fourth year in Cub Scouts, my oldest son and I. From the start, I have carried the guilt that he is enrolled in a national organization that is openly anti-gay. But that was balanced by the opportunity for my son to spend time with his friends outside of school, maybe learn some useful stuff, take fun field trips and go camping with his friends. The policy that banned gay kids and adults from Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts was never discussed. But it’s back out in the open again. Pressured by gay rights groups and boycotted by corporate sponsors who called the policy discriminatory, the Boy Scouts of America last week took the step of admitting gay youths but not gay parents and adult alumni, of which there are many. This offended people on both sides: Those who wanted full gay participation, and those who wanted no gay participation. The opponents of gays, in particular, are talking about mass withdrawal from Scouting.