National Public Radio
June 18, 2013
MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: I'm Michel Martin and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. Among the many explosive issues the Supreme Court is expected to take on this year is the issue of same-sex marriage: whether same-sex couples should have the same benefits as straight ones. But one of the most sensitive aspects of that issue is the element of race. Documentary filmmaker Yoruba Richen takes on both of those issues in a new documentary called "The New Black." (SOUNDBITE OF DOCUMENTARY "THE NEW BLACK") SHARON LETTMAN-HICKS: LGBT rights is in its revolutionary phase right now. It's frightening for some. It's revolutionary for others. But what does that mean for black people who happen to be LGBT. My quest in black LGBT equality is about black folks rising up. It is my people. I'm a sistah in the movement. That's "sistah," S-I-S-T-A-H. Let's be clear. This is the unfinished business of black people being free.