December 7, 2012
The National Organization for Marriage’s weekly newsletter this week is rife with distortions, but the leading concern Brian Brown addresses is disturbingly hypocritical. Brown is very concerned that the Senate passed the Defense budget without including the many anti-gay provisions introduced by House Republicans, one of which prevented the use of military bases for same-sex marriages: Senators Roger Wicker and James Inhofe have introduced these provisions in the Senate as a stand-alone bill, the “Military Religious Freedom Act of 2012,” but the Senate leadership has blocked their efforts every step of the way. But even if the Senate never votes on the Wicker/Inhofe bill, we can still protect the Defense of Marriage Act and the religious liberty of our military chaplains, who could otherwise be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies as part of their official duties. We have one chance, but we need to take action immediately.