November 30, 2012
The NFL told Outsports it will take no action regarding the anti-gay tweets of Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Tank Carder, whose “f*ggot” and “I don’t agree with being gay” messages were followed in the last week with dismissive attacks on those where were offended. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Outsports via email: "We were in contact with the club and the club addressed it with the player. Divisive comments of that nature can only be hurtful to many fans and has no place in the NFL. The Browns made clear to the player that it was unacceptable and he issued a public apology." The Browns have not announced if they will take any action on Carder’s anti-gay tweets, and the team did not respond to inquiries from Outsports about their plans. Chances are the Browns are waiting to see if the story dies. They’re getting their wish. Because Carder isn’t a “big name,” large national publications haven’t picked up the story; In Cleveland, it hasn’t been a very big story, either. The Browns seem less interested in doing the right thing and setting an example than they are in simply managing public perception and making those pesky gays go away.