The Washington Post
December 12, 2012

"In my opinion, the Web site will have only reached its full value when we finally see LGBT Mormons feel welcome in every LDS ward around the globe. In my dream, I see them contributing their talents and gifts with their ward community and I see straight members opening up their homes to them. I see the gay couple sitting together in the pews with a straight couple next to them, while both couple’s children crawl around together below the pew. I see them helping care for the sick and afflicted, mentoring youth, singing in the choir, performing musical numbers, receiving and giving home teaching visits and sharing their testimonies in church – despite their relationship status. I see them using their understanding of what it feels like to be outcast as a balm for reaching down and helping the least of God’s children. This is my dream, and for me and a few others it is beginning to come true. Now, let’s as Latter-day Saints not wait again to be commanded in all things. Let’s follow our church’s call to Christian love and make this dream come true."

The Mormon Church, one of the driving forces behind Prop 8, which banned marriage equality in California, takes an important step forward with their new website, which calls for love, understanding, and inclusion.