November 6, 2012
When the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Mitt Romney, the group argued that it believed he would LGBT support nondiscrimination protections, engaging in some remarkable spin about their optimism for his candidacy. But the National Organization for Marriage’s Brian Brown doesn’t take the Log Cabin Republicans “that seriously,” telling BuzzFeed that he believes strongly in Romney’s anti-equality credentials: BROWN: I was in Connecticut during the 2004 Massachusetts fight. [Romney] was very strong, he spoke at rallies, he was strong the whole way through. Were there some people that were disappointed that he didn’t just, by fiat, say, “We’re not going to obey the judges!”? There are always people that do that, but in the real world, Romney went above and beyond. He’s always been a strong supporter of protecting marriage, and he was an early signer of the Marriage Pledge. We obviously believe that he will follow through in his commitment; I don’t see why anyone would say otherwise. Of course, Romney signed NOM’s pledge, committing to support a federal constitutional amendment banning the freedom to marry and to defend Christians’ “religious liberty” to discriminate against same-sex couples.