The Nashua Telegraph
September 24, 2012
After facing complaints that a transgender student was being discriminated against, the Nashua School District has agreed to let the student enroll at a new elementary school and be addressed as a female by school staff. Janson Wu, a staff attorney with Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, praised the Nashua School District for its efforts to accommodate the needs of the transgender third-grader. “I applaud the Nashua School District’s efforts to ensure that all students, including transgender students, are able to go to school safely and receive a good education,” Wu said. The School District reached the settlement agreement with the family in May after addressing complaints from earlier in the school year. “The issues that public schools must often address mirror the broader issues in our society,” Superintendent Mark Conrad said in an email to The Telegraph, “and to the extent these issues reflect differing or even divisive opinions in the general community, we must find ways to address those issues to balance competing viewpoints while assuring we are protecting the rights of all children and ensuring their success.”