December 7, 2012

Sixty-three percent of Americans describe discrimination against gays and lesbians as a "very" or "somewhat serious" problem in the United States. Americans who identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) are even more likely to see discrimination as a serious problem, at 88%. The results are based on a Nov. 26-29 USA Today/Gallup poll. In addition to a random sample of 1,015 U.S. adults, as part of the study Gallup re-interviewed 250 LGBT adults who had participated in prior Gallup polls to see how that group's views compared with those of the larger U.S. population. Americans overall and LGBT Americans have similar views on how challenging it is for gay or lesbian adults to live openly in their community. In this respect, both Americans and LGBT adults are generally positive, with a majority of each group saying it is "not too difficult" or "not at all difficult" to live as openly gay or lesbian. Still, about 40% of each group believes it is difficult to do so where they live.