New York Daily News
July 17, 2012
Eric Jones was an Eagle Scout with the Boys Scouts of America for nearly 10 years up until Sunday. The 19-year-old, who was serving as a counselor at one of the organization's summer camps in Missouri, sat down with the camp director to tell him that he was gay. "I'd been working on coming out," Jones told the Daily News. "I thought it was time to have my life of scouting and my other life come together." Jones, however, quickly lost his job, as the camp's director asked him to leave. "He said I was deserving to be there, but he had to follow the policy of BSA," Jones said. Boys Scouts of America has long been known to have a policy that bars openly gay males from joining the organization. Gay advocates recently told MSNBC that the organization is currently in the process of reviewing a resolution that would end the 102-year-old policy, but a Boy Scouts spokesman insisted that there weren't any current plans to change it.
GLAAD has been working with an Ohio mom who created a petition after being ousted from her son's Boy Scout troop because she is gay. Read more: