BuzzFeed Politics
December 13, 2012

An association of military spouses announced Thursday that it is reviewing membership policies used to bar a lesbian wife from joining, even as Pentagon officials have quickly moved to distance themselves from the group. "In response to recent interest in the membership requirements of our organization, we will review the issue at our next board meeting. This will be our first opportunity for our board to discuss the issue since it has been brought to our attention. We intend to review the request in a timely manner," the Association of Bragg Officers' Spouses said in a statement issued Thursday. The group initially told Ashley Broadway that she did "not qualify" for membership in the group, as reported Tuesday by BuzzFeed. A representative of the group told Broadway that the reason she would not be able to join the group is that she does not have a military ID card, although that requirement — currently made available by the Pentagon only to opposite-sex spouses — was not listed in the group's bylaws.