Huffington Post
July 2, 2013

Speaking on his Fox News show over the weekend, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) attacked the Supreme Court for its recent landmark rulings on gay rights, labeling the justices "extremists" and claiming they thought themselves to be wiser than "God almighty himself."

After insisting he was neither a "homophobe nor a hater" because of his anti-gay marriage stance, Huckabee compared homosexuality to polygamy and prostitution.

“If we’re determined to change the definition of marriage to accommodate how people feel and what they wish to do because of their mutual consent, then we should immediately release those incarcerated for practicing polygamy or bigamy,” Huckabee said. “And, frankly, let’s make all consensual adult behaviors legal, whether prostitution, assisted suicide, or even drinking 16 ounce sodas in New York City.”