The Hill
July 24, 2012
Richard Tisei could become the first openly gay Republican to serve in Congress, but he’s more interested in framing himself as part of the centrist wing of the party than as a trailblazer. “Overall, I consider myself a ‘live and let live Republican’ — the government should get out of your bedroom, off your back and out of your wallet,” he told The Hill when asked about the historic nature of his campaign. “That’s a pretty traditional Northeastern Republican philosophy. We’ve always had a pretty strong libertarian flavor in our politics up here.” Tisei said that in his home district, being gay is a “non-issue,” but noted his profile as a pro-marriage equality, pro-abortion-rights Republican could help him knock off eight-term Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.), whose campaign has been tarnished by his in-laws’ legal troubles.