Huffington Post
September 10, 2012
She’s always been an ardent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocate, but during her appearance at the Democratic National Convention next week, Mary J. Blige went one step further by announcing her support for marriage for same-sex couples. “I think it’s wonderful,” the Grammy award-winning hip-hop superstar told civil rights attorney and radio host Yetta Kurland on Thursday night, video footage of which can be viewed above. “I think people that support love, it’s amazing. It’s love.” It’s not the first time Blige, who also performed at the convention, has spoken out on behalf of LGBT people. “The majority of my fans are gay,” she told The Advocate in 2007. “The majority of them are, and I have to really make sure that they know I’m paying attention to the fact that they support me, and I support them.”