Marriage Equality Garners Some Republican Support in Maine

Maine Public Broadcasting Network
July 24, 2012

Supporters of the Maine marriage equality proposal on the November ballot announced the launch of a new group called "Republicans United For Marriage," which they say illustrates that the issue is no longer a political one. Opponents, however, maintain that marriage equality is against Republican principles, and describe the new group as "insignificant."
The message from Monday's press conference was a simple one:

"It's OK to change your mind," said Republican representative Stacey Fitts of Pittsifeld. He did just that after originally opposing the gay marriage law in 2009, a measure that was enacted by the legislature, and later repealed following a statewide referendum.

"I know many gay couples," said Fitts. "I've talked with my family, my friends, I've thought about it a lot, and as a husband and a father, I've come to believe that 2 people who love each other should have the freedom to get married."