July 24, 2013

The battle for marriage equality is heating up again in New Jersey. A coalition of national groups are pooling their efforts to get the state to formally approve marriage equality, which a majority of residents already support. Joining in the push are  theAmerican Unity Fund, the Gill Action Fund,Freedom to MarryHuman Rights Campaignand Lambda Legal, along with Garden State Equality and the ACLU of New Jersey. The groups are counting on financial backing from the same Wall Street types who were successful in getting New York to pass its marriage equality law.

The “New Jersey United For Marriage” campaign will focus on overriding Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of a bill that passed last year. To do that, equality supporters will have to peel away three state senators and 12 assembly members and get them to change their votes. Supporters are counting on legislators to reconsider because of the changed landscape as a result of the Supreme Court rulings on marriage equality.