Huffington Post
July 16, 2012
It's so important to reach out to LGBTQ youth and let them know that they are supported and embraced for who they are. Sometimes things get low, really low, but you'll find a way out of it and get back to the top. The trick is to stand tall and stay confident. Don't let people bring you down. Ignore the bullies. Especially now, with Seth's Law in place, you are protected. If someone harasses you, you have options. Schools are now legally obligated to stop the bullies. So if you're having troubles, find the support system you can trust, and stay tough. There will be hard times, times when you'll feel like there is nowhere to go, but I can tell you with certainty that it gets better.

This essay, by Scott Beaver, is a part of a series written by youth in Orange County, CA. Youth have been writing about what impact new anti-bullying laws have on them and their lives. You can read background info and see a full list of essays here.