Pink News
December 3, 2012
G-A-Y Bar on London’s Old Compton Street has broken its own Guinness World Record for the highest number of HIV tests to be carried out on World AIDS Day. On Saturday 1 December, staff from 56 Dean Street, Chelsea and Westminster’s HIV and sexual health clinic in Soho, tested 745 people in a period of eight hours. The figure is far higher than last year’s world record of 467, which was also carried out at the venue for World AIDS Day 2011. Six people tested positive during Saturday’s testing session. Dr Alan McOwen from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital said finding out early could add up to 16 years to life expectancy. “Eighty per cent of people who catch HIV catch it from someone who doesn’t know themselves,” he told the BBC. “So if we can reduce undiagnosed HIV, we’ll break transmission.”