Newsplex VA
December 10, 2012

Friends, family and members of the Charlottesville community held a vigil for missing transgender teenager Dashad Smith. The group walked from the 700 block of Orangedale Avenue to the Amtrak Station. The train station was where Smith was last seen. "What we witnessed was just solidarity. People coming together for one common purpose," said Kenneth Jackson, a cousin of Smith. "That's to say that the children of our city will not go missing and nothing be done." Smith has been missing for 18 days. "I feel that police aren't doing enough," said family friend Rosia Parker. "So if the police aren't doing enough, I feel as citizens in the community that we should be able to step and continue with the search." "It seems like there's inequality when it comes to a poor black, be it male or female, or a well-to-do white person. I hate to say it, but class and race do play a part in this," said Jackson.