LGBTQ Nation
September 12, 2013

VILNIUS, Lithuania — Five anti-LGBT bills are scheduled to be considered by Lithuania’s parliament before the end of the year.

Tomas Berzinskas, a spokesman for Speaker Vydas Gedvilas, said that according to the draft Parliament agenda, lawmakers will consider four anti-gay initiatives and one measure that would ban all transgender therapy and surgery in Lithuania.

Berzinskas said that a summary of the transgender assignment measure notes that Lithuanian society views gender reassignment as very controversial.

“Society is not ready to accept gender reassignment practices due to certain psycho-social reasons, and therefore the permission to undergo gender reassignment surgeries will lead to a number of medical and ethical issues,” according to one of the proposed bills.

“It is impossible to reassign gender surgically because it is determined genetically from the very moment of conception,” the bill states.