Liberace Biopic Found Home at HBO After Being Dubbed ‘Too Gay’ By Every Studio in Hollywood

January 7, 2013

So sometimes, on this here third rock from the sun, a thing happens when a man will fall in love with and/or be sexually attracted to another man or a woman will fall in love with and/or be sexually attracted to another woman. Often, this is called "being a gay person" (ˈbē(-i)ŋ ā ˈgā ˈpər-sən) and it occurs rather frequently all over the world. These "gay people" (ˈgā ˈpē-pəl) live lives just like non-gay people, which means that some of their lives are really boring and some of their lives are exciting and worth talking about. Like, hypothetically, there's probably a gay dude who spends his evenings eating canned soup and only ever talks about Sons of Anarchy — we don't really need to hear about him, not because he's gay, but because he's dull. But then there are gay guys who work for NASA or are beautiful young ranch hands or who grow up to be cape-wearing, piano playing pop stars whose stories are intrinsically interesting and movie-worth. Liberace, as noticed by Ocean's Eleven/Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh, is one of these people. Unfortunately, none of the major Hollywood studios would help him make his Liberace biopic Behind The Candelabra because, ewwwwwww, it occasionally showed two boys kissing.