Huffington Post Latino Voices
October 2, 2013

On Oct. 5 I will be a voice in a national chorus. I will join others across 80 cities in mobilizing for the National Day for Dignity and Respect on behalf of our nation's undocumented men, women and children. With one voice we will say that the time for comprehensive, compassionate immigration reform is now. We won't live in the shadows, in fear of being deported or detained. As a queer man and an immigrant, I will be there to say that the country we love should no longer make undocumented LGBT immigrants live in two closets, one because of their sexual orientation and the other because of their immigration status. And as one of the 28,000 LGBT immigrants in a relationship with an American citizen, I will be there to say that the end of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is not the end of our fight for immigration reform.